Finescale Bespoke Track and Pointwork for over 10 years., Bullhead or Flatbottom and Narrow gauges as well as Standard

In 4mm scale those who follow EM or P4 have a well defined set of wheel and track standards , which work well together to help produce a smooth running model railway . In 00 there are so many different standards that make it more difficult to achieve the same result.

For those wanting to  be able to run their models straight from the box without having to alter wheels, a set of standards has been arrived at, which can be described as being derived from EM gauge minus 2mm. This has become known as 00-SF or 4F with a gauge of 16.2mm.

In 0 gauge you have the choice of various standards but only 0-MF (31.5mm gauge) will allow the smooth passage of finescale wheelsets, without resorting to alterations. 0-SF (31.2mm) and 0-XF (31.0mm) will also achieve this but back to back, minimum radii and gauge widening may need to  be taken into consideration. Standard 0-F (32mm), will of course run everything but with the finer scale wheels of today may be a bit bumpy through the common crossing, especially with larger angle crossings, as they tend to fall into the gap.

Of course you can also go for S7 (33mm) which is the 7mm scale equivalent of P4.

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