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Stephen Freeman -Finescale Model Railway  Trackwork and Signals

Set of 2 gauges turned in brass rod with chord removed (for vees) £7.00

Set of 2 gauges for setting point blades £7.00 (fits on to opposing stock rail to gauge blade to it)

Set of 2 check rail gauges turned in brass rod  £7.00

P&P UK £3.50 (overseas please contact me by email  to complete the transaction at cost).

Track Gauge

Track Gauge


Please note that the photo is now incorrect and I haven’t had chance to update it yet.

Basically it now has the just the 2 grooves for plain track. Separate gauges are now available to set the check rail correctly, so you can introduce some gauge widening, if necessary, without affecting the checkrail gauging.

The point blade gauge sets the gap whilst holding the opposite blade in gauge.